Induction hob accessories

Full control of the hob with induction Cooking Surface Prime.

Cooking Control

The Cooking Surface Prime induction hobs include a control knob to manage the operation of each cooking zone independently. The knob allows you to control the power of the 3 heat points through 9 intensity powers, as well as programming times cooking through the timer included in the remote control itself.


The Cooking Control system includes a connection cable, as required by the current security.


  • 9 power levels
  • Timer
  • Temperature control
  • Security system

Cooking Control Accessories

Cooking Control accessories allow the remote to be integrated into the kitchen furniture, hiding it in view through different extraction options, creating completely linear spaces faithful to the latest architectural trends. In this way, a versatile and functional space is presented in each of its elements that responds to the needs of modern cooking from the countertop to furniture.


Push Control

The Push Control system allows its installation in different modalities in a practical and elegant ways.

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PUSH CONTROL, an accessory to house the control which is activated by the push system and that houses the control knob of the induction hob, hiding the cable. This accessory adapts to different kitchens and their peculiarities since it has different installation options: miter edge, groove, among others.


This accessory is available for vertical or horizontal application depending on the needs of each project.

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Ask your dealer how to integrate it into your project.

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The Cooking Surface R&D department has developed an application available for any device with IOS or Android operating system that allows to control the powers of the induction hob.

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