In today’s paradigm, society increasingly demands active participation in eco-sustainability and non-invasive integration into the environment. 

For this reason, Cooking Surface is only integrated with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials from ABK STONE.

Green technology

A “Made in Italy” green technology means high quality manufacturing and incorporating a system of environmentally friendly values, including environmental protection. ABK GROUP is concerned with the elimination of toxic materials in the production cycle, ensuring greater safety in the working environment and paying particular attention to the issue of sustainability at every stage.

Low emissions

Emissions from ABK GROUP’s production plants remain empirically below the limits recommended by current regulations.

Waste recycling

All glaze processing residues and raw materials are reused in the manufacturing cycle.

Water recycling

No water is wasted, in ABK GROUP water is completely reused in the industrial process to safeguard the ecosystem where it operates.

Reduced energy consumption

Reduction of energy consumption through heat recovery devices in production plants.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

ABK’s concrete commitment to sustainability continues thanks to the exclusive ECO-BODY blends, which contain a minimum of 40% of high quality raw materials, recovered from external and internal processes, used for several collections in this catalog.The value of this percentage is guaranteed by Bureau Veritas, which certifies the ECO-BODY blend.

This feature allows our products to be included in the calculation of credits for LEED building certification.

iconos sostenibilidad

Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials from ABK STONE

Cooking Surface offers environmentally conscious and sustainable materials for its porcelain countertops and since September 2020, it also favors the optimization of household consumption through its latest model of invisible induction cooktop, Cooking 3.0, where it achieves low consumption because it manages to reduce cooking times, produce heat immediately and constantly, avoid waste heat or heat waste common to other appliances such as glass ceramic hobs.

Cooking Surface’s short and medium term objective is to obtain increasingly sustainable and efficient results to be integrated in its future models of invisible plates, where technology and innovation will be very present.

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