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The perfect combination for food lovers

To maximize the efficiency of Cooking Surface Prime we have developed an adapted cookware system for cooking control. Our system integrates separating recesses that connect and separate the surfaces.

In the case of using an alternative cookware set, spacers are essential to extend the life of the porcelain surface and of the hob itself, thus avoiding the risk of overheating or breakage.

“With our CookingWare cookware there is no need for spacers.”

Specially designed parts for induction Cooking Surface with built-in elevation consisting of three 2 5 mm high pivots stamped into the base so that spacers are not necessary.

All pans have Xylan non-stick coating. Pans and saucepan are fitted with clear glass G-type lids.

All parts have handles coated with black antibacterial silicone. Stainless steel coating.


260×150 mm. PLOYER.
PAN OF 240×140 mm.
PAN OF 240×110 mm.
200×100 mm. HUNTING BOX.
300×55 mm. Frying PAN.
Frying PAN 280×50 mm.
PAN OF 240×45 mm.

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