Distribute the most demanded smart worktop on the market.

The first hob integrated into a worktop, already marketed by more than 630 distributors.

It is becoming more and more common for homes to leave their traditional cookers behind in order to install an induction hob and enjoy all its benefits.

Choosing the right induction hob is not always easy.

For that reason, we created a plate that makes the difference between all the others.

cooking surface 3 0 induccion placa inteligente

Distribute the most demanded smart worktop on the market.

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It is becoming more and more common for homes to leave their traditional cookers behind in order to install an induction hob and enjoy all its benefits.

However, choosing the right induction hob is not always easy, due to the wide variety of brands and models on the market.

For this reason, we present the plate that makes the difference between all the others.

The first glass ceramic hob integrated into a worktop, which is already sold by more than 630 distributors.

cooking surface 3 0 induccion placa inteligente

Kitchen shops

You sell kitchen furniture and you want to sell your customers a quality-price product.


Marble workers

You work with natural stone in the elaboration of different elements and you want to offer a significant result.


Developers and construction companies

You are in the real estate sector and you are looking for a countertop option, which will give you benefits for your projects.



You design construction projects from scratch, and all you need is a weighty product.

If you are in one of the above jobs, this information is for you.

Discover the new
Cooking Surface Prime 3.0

Discover the new Cooking Surface Prime 3.0

The new state-of-the-art cooking system that makes your life easier,
gives you the time and quality of life you deserve.


Tired of not having
space in your kitchen?

A smooth surface where you can work, eat and cut food and then cook directly on it, without any problems.


Made of porcelain,
the most durable and resistant material.

Never worry about the knife you use again. High resistance to scratching with 0% filtration. And incredibly easy to clean.


Controls the board wirelessly
via remote control or APP.

Includes APP and remote control, which allows you to manage the panel even when you are away from home.


The cost of goods manufactured allows
to market it at an affordable price.

On the market you can easily find more expensive cooktops, which do not integrate induction.

What benefits do I have as a distributor?

Exclusive marketing of a unique and revolutionary product is now a reality.

<strong>Increase your customer base exponentially</strong> as a result of the high demand for the plate throughout Spain.

<strong>Promote and link your company or brand</strong> with an innovative and leading product in its sector. Winner of the award for best innovation by SADECC in its last edition in Paris.

<strong>Participate in exclusive promotions</strong>. Both you and your customers can benefit from unique prizes and events.

<strong>Don't worry about having to create your own content</strong>. You can use our resources and content for your own social networks, or your corporate channels <em>(including: website and physical store)</em>.

An irresistible design and a perfect finish.

You still can’t imagine the look on your customers’ faces when they see the worktop installed?


<strong>NEW:</strong> We have added the long awaited possibility of enjoying <strong>a ShowCooking in your shop, with your clients.... </strong>Sounds good, doesn't it? Our great Executive Chef, Francisco Hita, will be in charge of giving demonstrations that you won't be able to resist.


<strong>We manage your brand Leads</strong>. Our sales representatives will take care of bringing you to end customers who are interested in our product (you can take advantage of the opportunity to sell them other products such as furniture, lights, etc.).

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Sample of modern worktop with integrated hob

Cooking Partners.

The program designed for professionals where you will find exclusive promotions and advantages specially chosen for you.

We grow with you, that’s why we want to reward you for every step you take in the best possible way.

For your commitment and professionalism.

In the program you will discover temporary promotions, exclusive events and advantages that will make your day to day life easier.

In addition, we have a reward system.

For every Cooking sold, you will receive points in your profile that are redeemable for real value prizes.

Sample of modern worktop with integrated hob

We give you visibility!

Geopositioning and redirection of customers through the sales representative in your area.

We realized the need to help our distributors, bringing them closer to their potential customers attracted to our website.

  • We geoposition your business on our distributor maps.
  • We divert internet and telephonesales to the customer’s nearest store.
  • Assistance, supervision and improvement. You will have at your disposal a team of professionals who will answer your questions.

We have a new range of colours.

We already have a wide range of colours available, from polished white to satin black, earth tones and finishes that simulate stone with its veins.

Personalized support and advice.

We will respond within 24 hours and if we can, we will do it sooner.

If you prefer to write us directly, this is our email: info@cookingsurface.com


Marketing Department


Technical Assistance Service

Opinions of
our clients.

“This challenge, as ambitious as it is necessary, is the result of years of work and the perfect symbiosis between knowledge and experience, guaranteeing the market a technologically unique, versatile, resistant product with a long way to go. In turn, it allows us to position ourselves in a blue ocean strategy and continue to innovate to make the unthinkable possible.”

Says the CEO of Arbe Stolanic, Nacho Rodriguez.

100% Double Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve reduced your risk to zero.

We cover the warranty of your induction for up to 2 years.

We are convinced that our ceramic hob integrated in the worktop will work properly.

Due to the high concern that we saw, to make sure, we accompany you for two years and any incidence with the plate, we would proceed to its immediate replacement.

Induction cooktop warranty up to two years
garantia encimera 10 anos

10-year warranty on your ABK Stone porcelain countertop.

A recent statistic carried out by our company reveals the following:

“In the stores where our products are sold, our Technical Support Service for the Cooking Surface 3.0 model receives 30% fewer technical incidents than all other competitors for the same type of product.”

All this, if you have any incident with your plate, it will be replaced immediately without risk.

garantia encimera 10 anos

Now it’s your turn.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Do you have questions about how we work, what special discounts there are,
What are the delivery times, or do you want to know more about the warranty?

cooking surface 3 0 induccion placa inteligente
  • Aumenta tu cartera de clientes exponencialmente.
  • Potencia y vincula tu empresa o marca.
  • Participa en promociones exclusivas.
  • Despreocuparte por tener que crear tu propio contenido.
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