Cooking Surface Prime 3.0

The first cooktop with integrated induction 100% invisible. Gain space, time and the quality of life you deserve.

Revolutionize your kitchen by creating a unique and avant-garde environment where you can make the most of every centimetre.

Transform your kitchen into a versatile and multifunctional space that will take your cooking creativity even further.

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Aesthetics and design

The trend is to hide, open up spaces and free up surfaces.



The savings in low energy consumption, is a point in favor that is much sought after.



It allows you to make the most of the work space by integrating the induction hob into the unit.



We accompany you with your induction hob for 2 years, and for up to 20 years with the porcelain worktop.

Top quality in a minimalist design

A system with the capacity to render traditional zoned operation obsolete, converting every kitchen bench into a complete cooking space, from preparation, cooking and plating.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Made of porcelain, the most durable and resistant material with an incredible ease of cleaning.

Phone application

The "Cooking Surface" app is available to manage the power control of our hob.


Its direct heat to the glass surface, creating magnetic fields, does not burn when you put your hand on it.

Cooking zones

Cooking Surface 3.0 has three cooking zones for different power levels. Controlled with your remote control.


It includes a control system to manage all the features and possibilities of the system.

Colour selection

Wide range of colours ranging from polished white to satin black, through earth and ochre tones.

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"ABK Group, one of the largest ceramic manufacturers in Italy, acquires 49% of the shares of the Spanish company Arbe Stolanic S.L., and launches Cooking Surface Prime on the international market.

It is a completely invisible induction hob, with no joints and an installation process of less than six minutes. "

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6 power levels

Timer / Temperature control

Security system / Control unit

Control system with our app developed for IOS and Android

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Our Distributors

These are some of our many distributors who already have our worktop, distributed between Spain and France.

Our Chromatic Selection

COOKING Surface Prime has a wide range of colours ranging from polished white to satin black, earth tones and ochre tones.

Multiple color combinations that match perfectly with any style, from modern and minimalist to classic and rustic.

No need for spacers
thanks to COOKWARE Cookware

Adapted household system for coercion control

To maximize the efficiency of Cooking Surface Prime we have developed an adapted cookware system for cooking control. Our system integrates separating recesses that connect and separate the surfaces.

In the case of using an alternative cookware set, spacers are essential to extend the life of the porcelain surface and of the hob itself, thus avoiding the risk of overheating or breakage.

Would you like to see and try our Invisible Worktop?

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